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Christian Louboutin Embroidery And Exquisite Craft

The wonderful artical excelling nature of embroidery and exquisite craft, is one of the important elements christian louboutin pumps design. This year the continuation of this unique brand of traditional launch shoes embroidery services, for customers to build a truly unique red bottom shoes for women. In Paris, London, Los Angeles and New York, christian louboutin sale men's boutique also has full of characteristics of Tattoo Parlor, use manual leather wall and decoration, full of the flavor of fresh Yang reflected stylist to the art of Tattoo. Brand for many years also incorporated in the design red bottom shoes for cheap、, the embroidery is now transformed into a unique service, from February sole launched four boutique in the whole world, make customer tattoo shoes embroidery, distinctive design achievement.Customers can customize the fabric and color, make their own embroidery patterns, and can choose from three unique embroidery skills, a tattoo or Christian Louboutin sale red bottom pumps design pattern embroidered on the shoes. The first kind of embroidery skills Outline and Shine to the black and silver thread embroiders pattern. The second Color techniques, the use of Color rich Color embroidery thread. Finally a kind of Color and Relief technique, the different Color thread and beads sewn onto the red bottom shoes cheap. Christian Louboutin pumps Paris studio will be received in the customer's tattoo photos and design requirements after complete the embroidery pattern, location of every detail. Christian Louboutin on sale also provide embroidery services shoes for women, and a comfortable Rollergirl flat, Louis sneaker, graceful Belle Ankle boot and Highness four shoes to choose from. The heel height and different styles, red bottom shoes on salems catering to different tastes and preferences.

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